Fashion sandals summer 2022

At we know that all of you like beautiful sunny days, light summer fashion and the energy of vibrant colors. But we also know that you particularly love trendy sandals. Even if you already have several dozen of the latest shoes in your wardrobe, you can't help but fall in love with that new model that you've seen in the window of your favorite store or on that Instagram profile that you can't stop following.

Like every year, this 2022 we ask ourselves the same questions about trends in women's sandals. For this reason, at we have thought of giving you some tips to make it easy for you this season.

What kind of sandals should I wear this summer 2022?

The first thing you should be clear about is that our new collection of sandals comes loaded with surprises. It is not just another collection, because we have designed it with a particular thought, and we are convinced that the summer of this 2022 will be a special summer for all of you.

Because we have all given the best of ourselves so that this summer we can once again enjoy a sunset with our friends, show off our best version again and, above all, dance again until our feet hurt. A summer like this deserves the best women's sandals.

In all the years you have been in the world of fashion you will have heard a wide variety of opinions. That if the best footwear for summer are the flip-flops of a lifetime, that if the best thing is to opt for some simple espadrilles and —of course— there is no shortage of those who consider high-heeled shoes to be the best option.

Well, we all know that, if there are women's sandals that evoke and represent summer better than any other type of footwear, those are —without a doubt— Menorcan sandals. No other footwear will give you both simplicity and elegance, comfort and design. A classic that never goes out of style.

What sandals can't I miss this summer 2022?

With the arrival of good weather and the sun, who does not dream of walking on a terrace or on the beach with some pretty sandals. We recommend you see all our news arrivals, surely your new summer companions are waiting for you.

Let's see our best sandals candidates for this summer 2022.

Let's start talking about one of our great classics, the model Cavalleria. Because it is a versatile, lightweight model, made 100% with natural materials and the craftsmanship of a made in Spain quality.

If you are wondering, how you can combine the leather color of these fantastic women's sandals this 2022, here are some practical tips.

To think of these flat sandals is to think of comfort when walking. And if we add summer to that, it's like saying yes to all the projects that the season brings us; That is why we present them among our favorites.

This simple model is ideal for beach dresses, but also for shirt dresses, as it will give your look a different touch. A simple and catchy model.

Another of our bets on fashionable women's sandals this 2022, are our Menorcan sandals Turqueta.

These avarcas could be very classic perhaps, but here is our proposal for an alternative outfit. Look for that white strapless blouse that you kept unworn in the closet and combine it with a beige skater skirt. You will look more youthful than ever at that party by the sea.

Also, here are some examples and tips so you can combine your new turquoise sandals this summer. Believe us, turquoise is a color that you can combine on any occasion. Combine them with black and white, with earth tones, with denim, with a turquoise shirt, with coral pink or with more vivid colors.

Any daring sandals for the Fashion Victims 2022?

Everyone knows that you are not one to wear clothes chosen by your mother, nor are you one to wear the same clothes your sister wore more than 10 years ago. You are not like that, you want to go with your times; dressed to the last, with fashionable sandals this 2022.

You want others to see you shine, but not only that, but above all you want to see yourself shine like stardust.

Your best version for next summer will have to do with your haircut, clothes, accessories, the tan of your skin and your new sandals! There are no second chances for first impressions.

For you —who are dying to be the most up-to-date of all— we have designed the model Selva leopard print. And yes, I know that right now you are thinking: I love these sandals for this summer 2022, but how can I combine them? Don't worry, at we love to help you so that you can always show off your fashionable sandals. Here we leave you some tips for you to combine your leopard sandals.

There are critics of leopard print, but the reality is that during the last century this style was made fashionable by the pin-up Bettie Page, thus associating it with sexy and rebellious women. Later, in the 50s, Christian Dior proposed a more “chic” version with leopard print coats. He was no doubt inspired by her muse Mitzah Bricard, who never went out without her leopard coat.

So, this summer 2022 you already know. Take out those denim shorts or the red dress that you never wear, because with these women's sandals she will be the queen of the sunsets with your friends.

Stay tuned for our posts on, we will continue to offer you news and information so that you continue to show off your best version.


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