What sandals to take on a trip?

The choice of footwear to take on a trip is crucial

The choice of footwear to take on a trip is crucial for a successful vacation. It is important to choose comfortable shoes, adapted to your itinerary and easy to pack.

So what sandals to take on a trip?

From avarcas.com we want to give you some tips to keep in mind.

Determine the type of footwear needed according to the mode of travel.

It would have been too simple to make a list of sandals to put in the suitcase and that would satisfy everyone's needs. Each trip is different and requires adapted sandal models.

The choice may also vary depending on the season, the activities planned on the site, the habits of the sandals used, etc. Be that as it may, the comfort and quality of the soles will be the determining factors when choosing the perfect model. Here are some examples of sandals to wear for each type of trip.

What sandals to wear to walk around the city?

The main objective is to find comfortable shoes for long walks around the city. For example, visiting New York can quickly increase the counter to ten kilometers on foot per day. Therefore, it is necessary to choose good sandals. No more pain in the feet, legs and no more blisters. It is necessary to have a pair of comfortable sandals for walking that are already made for our feet.

Good news, urban walking sandals are in fashion and there are a wide variety of beautiful models.

Regarding women's sandals for traveling, we forget about heels, and the ideal is to wear sports sandals. In winter, boots can also be useful, depending on your level of comfort and the quality of the soles.

If it's hot, bring a small pair of ballerina sandals or flat sandals. They will let the foot breathe. Of course, it is important to choose a comfortable model, with soles that absorb shocks, and limit the number of kilometers planned for the day. For a night out, wear a nice and elegant pair of sandals.

For men, sports sandals will also be the ideal footwear. You have to wear a quality model, in which there is no doubt about the level of comfort it provides.

Especially avoid cheap sports sandals that rub against the back of the foot. Many brands offer good quality sports sandals.

In terms of rural tourism in Menorca, look for comfortable Menorcan sandals for traveling or specific models according to the needs of each one, paying special attention to the pair you carry in your suitcase.

If you visit Menorca, a great option will always be to rent a car and tour the island. That will help you get to know every corner when you are only on the island for a short period of time. From avarcas.com we wanted to share with you one of the best car rental options on the island menorcarent.com

Bet on quality, because you may not find a replacement model in your vacation spot, or new sandals that can damage your foot on the first use.

What footwear to wear for a mountain trip?

The pair of hiking shoes will be the essential model to put in your backpack. In fact, the technicality must be at the rendezvous, and it is essential.

Taking a walk on easy terrain with a pair of sandals may be fine, but to walk for hours in the mountains on steep paths, you have to think about safety and choose good walking shoes.

The composition, sole, lacing and upper part of the trail shoes must be taken into account and adapted according to the destination and the climate during the trip.

We advise you to consider the Menorcan avarcas option when the difficulty of the rural walk allows it.

Also plan another pair for short outings near your place of residence (sneakers, boots, sandals depending on the season).

What sandals to wear for a trip to the beach?

To enjoy the beach and the sea, it is advisable to wear a small pair of flat sandals that hold the foot well. Menorcan avarcas are ideal.

Flip-flops, yes, to walk on the sand can be practical, although they are not always very stable or comfortable. Also consider another type of beach sandals.

Leather sandals are an option against summer perspiration and good materials always take care of our feet.

Finally, it is advisable to bring a pair of light canvas shoes. They will be useful for you to walk around the city, to go out at night, for certain activities and to keep your feet dry if it rains.

What shoes to wear for a combined / multi-themed / around the world trip?

It is necessary to choose the right number of pairs of sandals so as not to be too crowded, but to be able to carry out activities in all serenity.

The pair of slippers is probably the must-have pair of shoes when traveling.

A pair of hiking boots is also essential when hiking in the mountains.

Finally, the pair of sandals is also ideal because it is light, comfortable, practical for any occasion (except for walking excessive kilometers).

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